Center For Ocular & Facial Prosthesis: India

Craniofacial Implant

Osseointegrated Implants:

  • Osseointegrated implants have various advantages over either adhesive or spectacle-retained prostheses for the reconstruction of the facial defects following Prosthesis.
  • Provide better retention of the prosthesis, so that the prosthesis is properly positioned and the patient can wear it more confidently. 
  • No skin irritation from adhesive,  prosthesis does not need to have adhesive cleaned off each time it is used. 
  • Security, comfort, and convenience of implant-retained prostheses is much better accepted.
  • The prosthesis can be made thinner, with feathered edges that blend with the skin, which offers the patient improved aesthetics. 


Team Work:

Success of these implants lies in Surgical Planning, Provided template, Accurately placed Implant following Life like Prosthetics