Center For Ocular & Facial Prosthesis: India

Facial Prosthesis:

Common facial defects include loss of orbital contents (eyeball and surrounding structures), ear and nose. These cases are rehabilitated by fitting an orbital, auricular (ear) and nasal (nose) prosthesis respectively. These can be held in place using adhesives and craniofacial implants. The implants are surgically placed in the bone, and magnets connect them to the prosthesis. 

Larger the defect, more complicated the case will be to achieve satisfactory results. However, these cases have been very well managed at the International Prosthetic Eye Center using Hi-tech technology. 

Rapid prototyping (CAD-CAM technology), in the medical field of prosthetics has made great difference in western world.Physical models built layer-by-layer in a 3D printer by using 3D images on computer softwares. CT and MRI scans of any part of the body can be reformatted as 3D images, and study model can be built. This technology is a great asset in even before the treatment start in making your prosthesis ready for implantations. providing the specific templates for successful surgery, also for customized implants to replace the lost bone (e.g after cancer treatment) can be fabricated and made available before even scheduling for surgery. 

In the Prosthetics field, placement of craniofacial implants in the correct location is crucial to achieve successful results with the prosthesis fitting. Using this technology, surgical templates can be produced to guide implant placement in the desired location. All these factors upgraded the outcome of the surgery to a much different level.

Facial features and appearance (look, complexion, etc) makes so much difference in one’s life; and for people with a defect on their face, it makes a huge difference in their lives. A normal person can’t even imagine their pain. They experience social stigma, inferiority complex, depression, which in turn affects their personal and professional life. Some patients with these defects go very emotional and even psychologically get disturbed.