Center For Ocular & Facial Prosthesis: India

Nasal Prosthesis:

A Nasal (Nose) prosthesis is needed for individuals who lost their part or Complete loss of nose following Injury, Physical assault, due to cancer in Nose, or born without nose, which need very carefully fabrication in silicone to make a life like nose, Which restore the complete facial Appearance as before the injury. These prosthesis either can be attached by medical Adhesive or with the help of our New Magnetic Implant technology, which make it very secure to use it.

The staff at the International Prosthetic Eye Center has a combined clinical experience of over 16 years. 

With this experience, it is possible to use methods and materials available today to create extremely realistic prosthetic ears allowing the anaplastologist to restore the loss to its natural appearance in match and mobility. 

For the convenience of our patients, we offer a 7 night stay a hotel nearby to the center for the duration of their treatment ( at very minimal cost).  

From the moment you contact the Center, to the three day appointments for the custom impression/ mold, custom coloring and veining, delivery and adjustments of your ocular artificial eye or scleral shell and the prosthetic eye care needed for your new prosthetic eye, our center strives to give you the highest attention, care and respect you deserve. 

Please feel free to call the center for an appointment or for a personal consultation concerning artificial plastic eyes. We will be more than happy to speak to you personally to answer any questions you have as it relates to artificial eyes and procedures.